Woolace Electric Assists City of Lima in Time of Need

On July 22, 2017 a large storm rushed through central Ohio.  During that storm, a lightning strike disengaged power at the Lima Wastewater Treatment Plant. Just before 5AM the main switch gear was struck by lightning, leaving the plant without power. This also left the backup generators incapable of powering the plant, as they could not be put online.

The City of Lima called Woolace Electric, and within hours they were on site and working to mitigate any additional damage.  With the help of their work, at no time did any of the wastewater leave the plant untreated.  The Ohio EPA was called and the plant was found to be in compliance.  Woolace assisted with temporary pumps and generators that kept the plant operational, and by Wednesday the previously mentioned backup generators were back in operation.

While the damage caused millions of dollars worth of damage, it could have been worse.  Woolace Electric’s quick reactions helped to avoid more significant damage.  And while the pat on the back for a job well done is always welcome, it was done because of the care we have for our customers.

Read more about the storm, and its ramifications below.