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Celina Water Treatment Facility

Recently, the city of Celina, OH upgraded their backup capacity at their water treatment facility.  Pictured is the beginning of the installation of a new backup emergency generator, with a new capacity of 600 KW.  This upgrade will ensure service to all Celina water customers in the event of an interruption of main electricity....
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Progress Coming Along on Lima Headworks Project

Woolace Electric has been working on a headworks project in the city of Lima, OH for their waste water treatment facility. For this project, Woolace is responsible for the installation of power, lighting, and control systems for a new headworks structure, a new screen building, 4 new aerated grit tanks, 4 new primary tanks,...
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New Energy Efficient Lights at Promedica Defiance Regional Medical Center

Recently, Woolace Electric upgraded all exterior site lighting at the Promedica Defiance Regional Medical Center.  The lights that were replaced were high pressure sodium lights, and were replaced with all new energy efficient LED lights.  Not only are the new lights brighter, but they also include a 5 year warranty with a 10 year life....
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