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Habitat for Humanity

Woolace Electric was pleased to receive this message recently from one of our community partners, Habitat for Humanity. Williams County Habitat for Humanity has been blessed to partner with Woolace Electric for decades!  Our build process creates unique challenges with timelines and requirements.  Incredibly accommodating with schedule changes as they go above and beyond to help...
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Woolace Electric Assists City of Lima in Time of Need

On July 22, 2017 a large storm rushed through central Ohio.  During that storm, a lightning strike disengaged power at the Lima Wastewater Treatment Plant. Just before 5AM the main switch gear was struck by lightning, leaving the plant without power. This also left the backup generators incapable of powering the plant, as they could not...
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Celina Water Treatment Facility

Recently, the city of Celina, OH upgraded their backup capacity at their water treatment facility.  Pictured is the beginning of the installation of a new backup emergency generator, with a new capacity of 600 KW.  This upgrade will ensure service to all Celina water customers in the event of an interruption of main electricity....
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